on creation sessions

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on creation sessions
One observation about the RS session work is that deep and permanent shifts may be occurring at the unconscious level, while the conscious mind may be at a loss in attempting to orient itself within the new structures and patterns that are emerging. Depending on the client’s sensitivity and levels of self knowledge, it is not uncommon to have completed a full round of RS session work and remain unaware of or be incapable of distinguishing the shifts and changes that have become manifest as a result of the treatment. This aspect of linking the RS with the changes being perceived in a client’s life, of increasing awareness around and becoming atuned to the new distinctions that are starting to emerge, and of taking focused, intentional actions in creating powerful new results and outcomes in the short, medium and long term is an area of RS that is currently being explored in the Creation Sessions adjunct.

As a separate, but complementary technique within the context of client goals and desired outcomes, a practitioner experienced in life skills and coaching works individually with clients to support and facilitate the learning process involved in exploring and reinforcing new patterns of behavior now being made available through the impact and outcomes of the RS session work. It is similar to beginning to exercise a new muscle that with practice and over time learns to function in a nearly automatic way on its own. What becomes available is insight into the “What’s So” of the client’s current life situation, the creation of new measurable goals with marked milestones and deadlines, as well as crucial distinctions and tools that create actions congruent to the client’s desired outcomes and produce maximum results and success in target areas in the short term.
Success with ease and elegance

Based on work with over 100 clients, an independent company operating in the UK offering RS personalized mentoring as a complementary adjunct to the RS session work process has confirmed a 100% success rate (Oates, 2015B) as all of their clients not only report achieving each of their desired outcomes, but also experience unexpected improvements in other aspects of their lives including health, relationships, family life, career, finances…essentially, across the multiplicity of areas that were identified as being important to them. From my own personal experience and observation, clients have been pleasantly surprised by the ease, elegance and permanent effects of the RS process. Clients report that RS session work powerfully creates deep, long-lasting shifts that are much less labor intensive and require a much lower time and energy commitment than other shadow work systems (such as psychoanalysis and hypnosis amongst others). Also, the client’s awareness of the effects of RS and their ability to take full advantage of its benefits increase exponentially when complemented by its Creation Session complement. This mix successfully links the integration of the conscious mind with the processes emerging at the unconscious level to produce unequivocal results across the board (Oates, 2015B).

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