Botanie Valley, British Columbia, CANADA

As soon as I committed to working with Senzeni, my life began to change. Money began to flow in large amounts and new people with similar interests as mine arrived. The most profound change happened instantly and was something I'd been working on for two years. My mothers side of the family had skin cancer and many had died from various forms of cancer. There was a melanoma on the back of my right arm and during one of the Metawalks Senzeni was giving me, I felt it begin to die. The site has cleared and the faint remnants continue to fade daily. I cannot recommend this modality, and of course Senzeni, enough if you truly want change in your life and wish to create a different reality.


Coach, San Francisco USA

I have had the good fortune of working with Senzeni Steingruber at a time in my life when I had traveled the road of self inquiry and personal development for many years, and had no idea that the Reverse Speech program would be so profound and impactful. What I began to notice as different areas in my life blossomed, was my ability to intuitively remain connected to my core values with a new ease and from that, my business direction that had been a real struggle for me my entire life suddenly began to unfold with opportunity and excitement. I would highly recommend working with Senzeni, it was amazing that something so unique and simple had such a wonderful transformative impact on my life and she was a joy to work with.


Health and Fitness Specialist, Victoria CANADA.

After having my last health crisis and breakdown I knew I had to make some serious changes and that started within. I came to Senzeni because I was tired of my self sabotage and burnout cycles and I needed inner peace and self love in order to become successful and happy within my life. As soon as I committed to the program I started seeing things shift within my body, life and my mind.  I have tried many healing modalities but nothing quite compared to this combined with Senzeni's unconditional support.  I am so glad I made the decision to trust and go through this process, as every day I feel the growth of the new me shining through into every thing I do.  I honestly think everyone should do this program as the unconscious mind controls 99% of everything we do, and until we address this we will never be free of our barriers to success and happiness in our lives.


Speech Therapy Assistant, Denver USA
Skype: emmaly.mintzer

My experience working with Senzeni was life changing. She challenged me to be a better person, yet stayed extremely compassionate and supportive. Senzeni was remarkable in helping me see my true, honest self, which allowed me to make enormous gains towards a better life. Her knowledge of Reverse Speech, coupled with her wonderful counselling abilities, helped perpetuate me to my highest potential. Throughout our time together, I felt very connected to Senzeni. I knew that she truly wanted the best for me, and I admired her resilient determination to help me. That was the most important part. Times when I fluctuated in my confidence towards change, Senzeni stayed by my side, guided me through my inner thoughts, and altered both my conscious and unconscious mind for the better. Her amazing spirit and zeal towards Reverse Speech is limitless, and it was an honor to work with her.


EAGALA Counsellor & Psychotherapist, UK

I have worked with Senzeni and it seems like the weight of fear has been lifted from my shoulders. Opportunities and a clearer call to action are appearing inside a shifting of my confidence in every part of my life. I have experienced amazing results on both personal and business fronts. People have started calling me to work with Horse Sense for Life, including a large London city farm wanting to start delivering programmes for disadvantaged children and families. This also opens up the opportunity to support large business corporations from the European head offices at Canary Wharf at such a central location with horses. I now know how powerful this work is, and so I have also registered my son into Senzeni´s programme.  I truly believe that we are all connected via the unconscious within which we can unlock our potential. Thank you Senzeni for clearing my life which allows me to take everything to the next level.
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