Join hundreds of satisfied customers whose lives have been transformed by Reverse Speech ™ technology over the past thirty years. Hear your Truth and reconcile your deepest struggles to access your essence and full self expression
TASTER: This new, quick format includes two Reverse Speech™ sessions, one is a 10-minute audio recording and the second is a 45-minute reversal feedback session to go over your 10 most important reversals on any one topic. Find out what's in your own way and whether that partner, that business venture or that major commitment you are considering is a green light before taking the plunge or signing on the dotted line!
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CYCLE: This comprehensive, three-week cycle includes the TASTER plus a healing Metawalk accompanied by three Creation Sessions that complement the Reverse Speech ™ session work. This is essentially one of the three cycles in the FULL PROGRAM of Reverse Speech ™. Add on another cycle to double the impact.
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FULL PROGRAM: This nine-week, 3-CYCLE Full Reverse Speech ™ Program includes a total of 18 sessions with three healing Metawalks accompanied by weekly Creation Sessions for conscious harmonization and accelerated results. Recommended to experience the maximum impact of this patented technology.
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